Imported Coal Traffic in China’s Suifenhe Railway Port Has Increased Significantly 18 Mar 2019


Relying on the geographical advantages of the Russian Far East, the Suifenhe Railway Port actively cooperated with China’s “Belt and Road” initiative, and further promoted the increasing of imported goods in the international logistics and freight market, ensuring the high growth of coal transportation volume. Since the beginning of 2019, Suifenhe Railway Port has imported 0.71 million tons of Russian coal, which increased 51% (240,000 tons) compared to last year.


Because Russian coal has certain advantages in coal quality and coal price, it has greatly promoted the enthusiasm of foreign trade enterprises to import coal from Russia. Suifenhe Railway Port firmly grasps the opportunity for the increase of coal imports, strengthens the close cooperation with the customs, greatly reduces the waiting time of large categories such as coal, and greatly relieves the pressure on the port station.


In order to better serve the import and export company, the Railway Port also utilizes the time when meeting with the Russian Far East Railway Bureau Grodovico Station every month to mark the coal property on the ticket, which greatly reduced the labor intensity. The International Transfer Office of the Railway Port also established 7 WeChat group platforms with the import and export cargo and loan company. It can release the information of wide-rail coal heavy-duty truck arrival and inter-transportation in the first time, which greatly reduces the processing time for the loan company to collect tickets and deliver tickets, greatly improving the transportation production efficiency.