China's First AI Coal Gangue Separating Robot Has Been Launched 21 Mar 2019


The AI coal gangue separating robot was jointly developed by two Chinese companies and can completely replace the manual coal gangue separation. It has been used in production and is the first one in China. On January 22, 2019, the China Coal Industry Association organized experts to complete the appraisal of the project and proposed to speed up the promotion and application of the robot in the industry.


The emergence of the AI coal gangue separating robot has caused earth-shaking changes in the preparation workshop of the Chinese company.


The use of AI coal gangue separating robots reduces personnel input and, more importantly, frees employees from the harsh working environment. Dust, noise, and high-intensity labor affect employees' physical and mental health. Using AI coal gangue separating robot can greatly improve the hand-selected work environment and reduce the incidence of occupational diseases.


In practical applications, AI coal gangue separating robot completely replaces manual work, and its recognition rate and execution rate are both over 95%. The theoretical efficiency is three times that of manual hand selection, which is safe and reliable.


The development and application of coal mine robots is beneficial to reduce the number of underground operations, reduce safety risks, improve production efficiency, and reduce the labor intensity of miners. It is of great significance to promote the revolution of coal mining technology, achieve high-quality development of coal industry, and ensure national energy security supply.


With the full promotion and application of the robot, the work efficiency of the hand-selected jobs in the coal washing plant will be further improved and the safety will be enhanced.