5G network is used in the intelligent working face of Tongxin Coal Mine of Datong Coal Mine Group Co., Ltd. 20 Aug 2020

Tongxin Mine installed 5 underground 5G explosion-proof dedicated base stations on the 8102 working face. It include network covering coal mining area, belt conveyance area, remote centralized control room and part of the roadway, chamber. different from the ground-based base station equipment, the underground 5G explosion-proof dedicated base station deployed by Shanxi Mobile Datong Branch in Tongxin Mine is suitable for use in harsh environments such as underground explosive gas and dust, with higher safety.

The 5G network has the capabilities of large bandwidth, low latency, large connections and other capabilities. These features bring unlimited possibilities for coal mine intelligence. Through the well and underground 5G communication network, It can be connected with intelligent systems such as big data, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things and other intelligent systems, and can realize the mine under voice, video and data of one network bearing. The operation of this intelligent operating system, It meets the information transmission needs of multiple scenarios such as underground roadways, fully mechanized mining faces, driving faces, etc.. Ensure that the intelligent mine communication "highway" is faster, more stable and more efficient.

After the 5G network solved the time delay problem, all the underground coal caving control equipment was moved to the "Innovation Studio" of the ground joint building, which truly realized the same frequency resonance of underground coal caving and ground control.


Fully automatic coal caving system that can adjust system parameters in real time. It can ensure that the operating current of coal caving equipment such as electro-hydraulic control devices and hydraulic supports is more stable. The waste rock separation effect is better. The raw coal recovery rate can be increased by 5-6 percentage points. Each shift mines more than 1,000 tons of raw coal.


In order to promote the construction of "5G + smart mine", Tongxin Mine will also introduce some equipment, it include 5G Intrinsically Safe Mobile Phone for Mining, full-featured intelligent Miner Light, flame-proof type repeater for mine, intrinsic safety type 4K camera for mine, intrinsic safety type(infrared Network PTZ) camera for mine. Further speed up the analysis, decision-making and ordering of the intelligent dispatching system. Realize the connection of the underground and ground intelligent centralized control system and then upgrade, in production operations, infrared data, safety monitoring and other thermal imaging. It will accelerate the construction of "green, efficient and safe" smart mines.


A person in charge of Datong Mobile Branch said: the successful completion of the underground 5G network of Tongxin Mine indicates that Datong Mobile Branch has achieved substantial results in the 5G smart mine project, and it has also allowed Datong City to accumulate valuable experience in 5G+ industry practices. In the next step, Datong Mobile Branch will further optimize the ground and underground network coverage, actively coordinate the power of the industry chain, and jointly promote the application and expansion of the 5G+ market in Datong.