Mine micro-seismic monitoring 13 Oct 2020

Everyone in the team can speak fluent English and freely communicate technical issues with foreign experts. Each of them can carry out accurate data collection and predict and analyze mine vibration. They fought side by side with the miners and worked hard to ensure the safety of coal mines.

They are the 18 engineers from the Micro-seismic Research Room of the Mining Institute of China Coal Technology&engineering Group Mining Research Institute! This team, with an average age of only 32, is responsible for the introduction and sales of cooperative equipment such as the ARAMIS M/E Micro-seismic Monitoring System, ARES-5/E Geo-phone Monitoring System, PASAT M Portable Micro-seismic Monitoring System, and ARP 2018 Ground Micro-seismic Monitoring System. At the same time, it is responsible for the development and application of KJ21 mine pressure monitoring system and KJ1160 mine high-precision micro-seismic monitoring system. They adhere to the operation idea of taking operation as the core, after-sales guarantee, and technology as the backing, and constantly innovate the development model to enhance the ‘hard core’ competitiveness.


Strength to create first-class performance


In 2006, in order to improve the monitoring level of rock bursts in coal mines in my country, after thorough investigation and in-depth investigation, the Mining Research Institute introduced equipment such as micro-seismic monitoring systems from Poland. The Micro-seismic Research Laboratory was established in 2010, specializing in the introduction, digestion and absorption of foreign equipment. In order to maximize the use of equipment, they have done a lot of meticulous work. Conduct technical communication with Poland around the clock, fully translate Polish product information and technical documents, take the lead in completing the application for equipment safety signs, and stationed in the mine to ensure smooth operation of monitoring.


In order to speed up technology integration and solve on-site problems, they regularly invite Polish technical experts to the country to exchange experience in rock-burst prevention and control. In July 2019, led by the deputy director of the Micro-seismic Research Office, 5 Polish experts participated, and the project managers of various regions actively collaborated. It lasted 20 days and successively cooperated with Shanxi Binchang Mining Group Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Yitai Group Co., Ltd., China Coal Energy Group, and Shandong Energy Group Co., Ltd., Yankuang Group carried out in-depth technical exchanges. This has effectively improved the knowledge and skills of coal mine customers about the Polish system and related theories.

Technical exchange with Polish experts

In the ten years since the establishment of the Microseismic Research Laboratory, the annual output value has increased from several million yuan to more than 70 million yuan. Cumulative sales of nearly 100 sets of microseismic and geophone monitoring systems, generating revenue of 330 million yuan. Products and services have been highly recognized by the market. 


‘Service must be in place’


With nearly 100 sets of equipment operating in coal mines in China, the micro-seismic research laboratory is facing huge after-sales pressure. The after-sales technicians adhere to the service tenet of ‘customer-centered’, and have been working hard all the year round, working hard, without complaint, and making great contributions to the stable and reliable operation of the system and equipment.


During the severe epidemic this year, the after-sales work of the Micro-seismic Research Laboratory still maintained the high requirements of ‘responding within one hour and rushing to the scene within 24 hours, and it is necessary to ‘come to fight and fight to win’.


The micro-seismic system of a mine in Shandong failed, causing the data to be unable to upload. As the mining face reached a dangerous stage, the leaders of the mine were very anxious. After receiving a call from the mine at 1 am, the micro-seismic research room immediately conducted remote troubleshooting. In order to restore the system as soon as possible, the room decided to send someone to the site. Before dawn, the after-sales engineers took the first train to set off. After passing through the roads and epidemic prevention checkpoints, they rushed to the coal mine site within 12 hours, put down the bag and immediately organized the technical staff to hold a video conference, and finally solved the problem satisfactorily.

Solving technical problems at the coal mine site

Micro-seismic monitoring system installed underground

Localization, no matter how difficult it is, it must be done.


The engineers in the Micro-seismic Research Laboratory know well that the purpose of introducing foreign equipment and learning advanced technology is to localize, develop products with independent intellectual property rights, and form independent core competitiveness. They are actively selling imported equipment to promote the level of micro-seismic monitoring in coal mines, and are intensively developing a localized micro-seismic monitoring system. Although the business tasks are arduous and the staff is insufficient, they never give up. After extensive investigation, selection and development in the early stage, the system laboratory joint debugging was successfully completed.

Verify the field test results of the domestic micro-seismic monitoring system

At present, the research and development of the localized ground sound monitoring system and the CT detection system of the working face are also in full swing. The structure of the rock-burst monitoring system with independent intellectual property rights has become more and more clear. In the future, it is expected to become a new profit growth point for the product sector of the Mining Research Institute. 


The Micro-seismic Research Laboratory is not satisfied with the short-term economic benefits brought about by equipment sales, but has devoted great efforts to the study and continuous research of micro-seismic related theories and technologies. In-depth analysis and mining of massive micro-seismic data, while writing papers and applying for patents. In the past two years, he has published 11 papers in core journals, applied for 4 invention patents, won a number of provincial and ministerial scientific research awards, and has undertaken 3 scientific and technological innovation fund projects of China Coal Science and Industry Group. Formed a virtuous circle of promoting sales with technology and driving technology with sales.


In the new wave of the intelligent development of coal mines, the 18 brothers of the Micro-seismic Research Office of the Mining Research Institute come from all over the world. They run around all year round, and some employees don't see each other several times a year. Most of them are fathers, but it is difficult to have free time with their families and children. When dealing with coal mines, only suffering and tiredness are accompanied. However, they have always maintained a vigorous and positive working attitude, rooted in the mine. Their stories may not be exciting, but they have used youthful blood and perseverance to create extraordinary achievements in ordinary positions.