The world's longest coal pipeline with slurry trial operation has been a complete success 13 Oct 2020


A few days ago, the longest and the long-distance pipeline coal transportation project ,which named Shanxi Shenwei Coal Pipeline with slurry trial operation has been a complete success,the coal pipeline is 727 kilometers long and designed to transport 10 million tons of clean coal per year,and it is undertaken by China Coal Technology&Engineering  Group (shorthand:CCTEG).


It is understood that Shanxi Coal Chemical Industry Group Co., LTD invested and constructed the Shenwei coal pipeline project ,Wuhan Design &Research Insititute Co.,LTD Of CCTEG assumed the EPC project general contract. The project was independently designed and constructed in China, passing through 18 counties (districts) in 4 cities of Shaanxi Province, acrossing 1,537 projects. Tunnel engineering of the projet includes 59 tunnels with a total length of 55.5km, crossing 26 railways, 115 highways and 70 rivers. The whole line of pipelines mainly includes coal supply, pulping, pumping, slurry storage, dehydration and production auxiliary systems.



Shenwei coal pipeline project overcomed many difficults ,such as large scale, long lines, complex process system link, and others,it also solved important problems of science and technology, filled the several blanks of long distance pipeline coal technology in China. Acutually ,it provides the technical support for coal, environmental protection, clean and efficient utilization,it  creates a new way of coal logistics, and affords a new energy industry transformation of traditional kinetic energy.