CCTEG Chongqing won the bid so far the largest amount of gas treatment 13 Oct 2020


On September 22, CCTEG Chongqing won the bid for " gas treatment engineering and supporting services of 13111 Working Face Regional ",the project is from Baiping Coal Mine of Zhengzhou Coal Industry Group CO.Ltd, which is also the largest total gas treatment engineering project of CCTEG Chongqing by far.


It is reported that this project is a technical + engineering general contracting project with the aim of meeting the standards for gas control and extraction at 13111 working face regional. The main work contents include scheme design, optimization of gas extraction parameters, design and construction of gas control borehole (including coal drainage), extraction management before reaching the standards, effect inspection, evaluation of drainage standard.


In the evaluation process, CCTEG Chongqing stood out in the fierce competition and won the bid with the highest score,based on its unique specialized technology and equipment, rigorous professional service scheme, mature project service pattern, good reputation and reasonable bidding quotation,it was unanimously recognized by leaders and expert judges of Zhengzhou Coal Industry Group CO.Ltd.


This project is another big project obtained by Henan Branch of CCTEG Chongqing . Before this, there was a relatively large project named  "Henan Xinzheng Coal Power Co., LTD. 14205 working face Gas extraction Standard Project" of 32.4 million yuan in 2019. It is also the project with the largest bid amount of gas branch at present.