CCTEG Shanghai was rated as A Class A supplier based on its customer-oriented innovation strength 14 Oct 2020


As coal mine industry leader, China Technology &Engineering Group Shanghai Co. Ltd's (abbreviation :CCTEG Shanghai)  stable and reliable products and fast and efficient services have long gained a full reputation. Recently, Jining Yijin Materials Co., Ltd. (a material procurement company of Linyi,Shandong Energy Mining Group Co., Ltd., referred to as "Jining Yijin") rated CCTEG Shanghai as a Class A supplier and expressed high recognition and praise to the company .


Well-deserved "Customer preference"

CCTEG Shanghai has an excellent professional R& D team, a production team that strives for perfection, and attaches great importance to product R & D and innovation. The products designed and produced by the company now have a high level of automation, and the relevant technologies have a high level of maturity and practicality. At present, the company is making all-round progress towards intelligence.


In Linkuang Group, coal mining machines and excavators of CCTEG Shanghai are used in Guotun Coal Mine, Pengzhuang coal mine, Wanglou Coal mine, Xinyi coal mine, Luxi Coal mine, Qiuji coal mine, Tianzhuang coal mine, Liyan coal mine and other major coal mines.


In addition to Jining Yijin, Heze Coal power Co., Ltd. of Linkuang Group also highly recognized the scientific research and production strength of CCTEG Shanghai. All the shearers in Guotun Coal Mine and Pengzhuang coal mine (affiliated to Heze Coal Power co., Ltd. )are produced by CCTEG Shanghai, a total of more than 20 sets. Li Cunlu,the chairman of Heze Coal power Co., Ltd., believes that it is the excellent products provided by CCTEG Shanghai, Ltd. that provide a strong guarantee and support for heze coal power to realize efficient mining.


Behind " Gaining followers " : Customer-centric


CCTEG Shanghai " gaining followers " strength is also closely related to the customer-oriented service philosophy and service attitude. By listening to customers' demands externally, grasping market trends, and adhering to R&D and innovation internally. CCTEG Shanghai has continuously developed products that generate value for customers and the industry.


In recent years, Shandong province has vigorously promoted the intelligent production of mines, and all major coal mines are vigorously promoting automation projects. Automation project commissioning is difficult and time-consuming, and after-sales service staff is very hard, always rushing between each coal mine. Especially under the special circumstances of the epidemic, the after-sales staff still ran among the major coal mines of Linkuang Group to overcome all kinds of difficulties and do a good job in after-sales service work for customers, so they deserve  the recognition of customers.