The high-power narrow-body roadheader of Stone Coal Mining Machinery was successfully rolled off the production line. It will be used for the development of rock tunnels and narrow roadways in high gas coal mines. 20 Oct 2020


On September 27, the high-power and narrow-body cantilever roadheaders with cutting powers of 280 kW and 300 kW were successfully rolled off the production line at Jizhong Energy Equipment Group Shimei Machinery Company. On the 29th, it passed the professional inspection of the National Coal Mine Tunneling Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and its performance indicators met the design requirements. This machine is a "fitness" type of tunneling equipment with a smaller body width and height among products with similar cutting power at home and abroad. It can meet the actual equipment requirements for the development of high gas coal mine rock tunnels and narrow tunnels.


It is understood that, in order to control gas in domestic high gas coal mines, the way of excavating high drainage roads is adopted to control and drain the gas in the coal seams. For this reason, high gas coal mines urgently need a tunneling equipment that can adapt to the development of small-section rock roadways. As a professional manufacturer of coal mining equipment, Shimei Machinery has developed a wide range of models and types of roadheaders. In addition, the company's participation in the completion of the national "863" project technology can be optionally installed to realize the remote operation of the roadheader and the intelligent upgrade of remote monitoring. The technological advancement is at the forefront of the industry. The company takes user needs as the product research and development orientation. With strong research and development capabilities and mature manufacturing technology, the company has independently developed the EBZ300 and EBZ280 cantilever roadheaders with high power, large dead weight and narrow body. The product model spectrum of "stone coal" roadheaders has been further improved, allowing mine users to choose a wider range of equipment.


The most notable feature of the new roadheader is to achieve "fitness and slimming". The width of the machine is only 2.38 meters, and the height of the machine is 1.79 meters. Compared with similar products, the width is reduced by about 0.5 meters, and the height is reduced by about 0.4 meters, but the weight of the whole machine is up to 86 tons. Furthermore, the excavation advantages of good stability of the fuselage and strong ability to break through faults are ensured. The hydraulic system adopts a closed system, with compact structure, simple hydraulic pipeline, stable transmission and high efficiency; high star wheel speed, high scraper chain speed for first transportation, strong shipping capacity; optional remote control system and automatic centralized lubrication system , Advanced technology and high degree of automation. The whole machine is not only "strong limbs" and "stable action", but also "flexible mind", which provides a unique intelligent technical equipment guarantee for the production of coal enterprises.


Among them, the EBZ280 high-power, narrow-body cantilever roadheader is a new product customized by Fengfeng Group, which was named "Fengfeng" by the company. Due to heavy R&D tasks and tight delivery time, the company quickly formulated a "battle list" after receiving the order, scientifically organizing R&D and scheduling. The company’s technology, production, material mining, quality, and other fronts of employees must compete against each other. It took only 75 days for the whole machine to go from design to production, which once again refreshed the "heading machine speed" of Shimei Machinery Company. The on-time delivery of new products has allowed the "stone coal" series of roadheaders to add new members to the "family", which has won the initiative to meet different market needs.