Shanneng Xinwendi Town Mine: The "personal steward" of the monorail crane system. 21 Oct 2020

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"The locator is installed, please start a trial run...". With the completion of the installation of the 12th monorail crane locator, all monorail crane locomotives in the Zhaizhen Coal Mine of Shanneng New Mine have realized positioning operation, and the real-time data of monorail crane operation is uploaded to the server terminal through the network to realize visual operation. 


"After this positioning is installed, it is like installing a "personal housekeeper" for the monorail crane. The operating speed and the length of staying on the working surface can be immediately revealed." Liu Yushui, head of the Zhaizhen Coal Mine Transport Zone Introduction. Not only the monorail crane, but all the underground locomotives in the Zhaizhen Coal Mine are currently equipped with "personal stewards", which realizes the speed measurement, early warning, data transmission and precise positioning of the underground locomotives.



"Through real-time data, we can realize the scientific dispatch of nearby vehicles. In September, the accuracy rate of vehicle dispatching increased by 15.7% year-on-year, which greatly improved the efficiency of locomotive transportation." said Zhao Lei, director of the Electrical and Mechanical Transportation Department of Zhaizhen Coal Mine. On the basis of improving transportation efficiency, the mine also continued to optimize centralized feeding management and formulated the "Zhaizhen Coal Mine Centralized Unloading Management Regulations". Each material user only needs to submit the required material approval form in advance according to the requirements, and the transportation The moving area uniformly arranges the quantity of materials, loads them, and delivers them to the designated locations.“In the past, the work area needed to arrange a special person to pick up the materials from the warehouse, contact the mine truck for loading, and coordinate the various transportation links. The procedure was very cumbersome. Now only a single batch of ingredients is sent to the transporting work area at the specified time, and the materials are delivered directly Heading on, it's both easy and fast." said Guo Hanqing, head of the first district of Zhaizhen Coal Mine.


Since the beginning of this year, Zhaizhen Coal Mine has transformed and upgraded winch electronic control, signal, and video systems, and applied belt material flow intelligent speed control technology, focusing on the speed and efficiency of auxiliary transportation systems. Deepen the "centralized control substitution", extend the centralized control technology to the coal mining face, and apply inspection robots to automatically collect real-time data such as on-site images, sound, temperature, and smoke. And carry out comparative analysis, judge equipment failure and location, realize the intelligent unmanned inspection of the post, and automatic warning of abnormality.


"In the next step, we will conduct in-depth research and continue to do a good job in the upgrading and transformation of underground signal collections, and unmanned transportation of locomotives from the underground depot to the southern wing of the centralized track. We will fully promote the construction of green and smart mines." Zhaizhen Coal Mine Xue Deqiang, the head of the mechanical and electrical mine, said confidently.