By virtue of technological innovation, CCTEG Shanghai enables transparent and intelligent comprehensive mining face construction 21 Oct 2020


In September 2020, the project of 'Intelligent adaptive Coal Mining Key Technology Research and System of Fully Mechanized working face' jointly completed by CCTEG Shanghai, LinYi , Shandong Energy Mining Group Co., LTD., LongRuan Technologies etc., passed the scientific and technological achievement appraisal organized by China National Coal Association. The expert committee, led by academicians Wang Guofa, Tong Qingxi and Jin Zhixin, believed that the technology of the project was obviously original and the achievement reached the international leading level.


CCTEG Shanghai committed to achieving "leading industry equipment progress, help customers efficient development" of the mission. In the construction of the transparent working face of the Guotun Coal Mine of Heze Coal and Electricity Group of Shandong Energy Mining Group Co., LTD., CCTEG Shanghai cooperated with relevant units to once again realize the intelligent upgrade of the coal mining face.



Transparent Guo Tun coal mine working face, using three-dimensional control platform, combining with geological model generation coal cutting secant, inertial navigation, measurement robot, digital twin, 5G, key technology such as coal and rock identification and  ect. As one of the core equipment of working face production, Shanghai coal intelligent shearer has contributed to this new achievement.


It is reported that the pilot demonstration working face of the project is two working faces of 3301 and 2305 of Guotun Coal Mine, using two coal miners of CCTEG Shanghai MG2245 and MG1220 respectively. Among them, MG2245 is the ex-factory unit of CCTEG Shanghai in 2018, and MG1220 is the unit of CCTEG Shanghai before 2016, which has always been reliable and stable operation in the long-term production and use of Guotun coal mine.


During the implementation of the project, CCTEG Shanghai designed and developed the coal mining machine geological model interface device and new application software according to the project requirements .And its aim is to receive the working face mining height correction vector issued by the upper geological model correction host of the intelligent working face platform. The shearer adjusts the cutting path in real time according to the received height correction vector, and supports the automatic cutting operation in the full working face, realizes the self-adaptive precise coal cutting based on the working face geological model.


Transparent adaptive mining is the direction of intelligent construction and the inevitable trend of coal mining technology development. In recent years, CCTEG Shanghai closely follows the development trend of the coal market, closely follows the urgent needs of customers, keeps up with the pace of smart mine construction, and vigorously promotes the construction of "smart mines".It is contributing a strong force to the production of more and more intelligent and adaptive fully mechanized mining face.