CCTEG Chongqing held Academic Report of Intellectual Mine Safety Mining Technology and Equipment 27 Oct 2020


On October 19, CCTEG  Chongqing held an academic report on Intelligent Mining Safety Technology and Equipment. Wang Guofa, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and chief scientist of CCTEG, was invited to give an academic report on "Intelligent Coal Mine, Traditional Professional Innovation and Talent Growth in Coal Mine". Zhou Jun, party secretary and chairman of CCTEG Chongqing, presided over the academic report. More than 180 people, including scientific and technological leaders, chief scientist, chief experts, leaders and backbone of CCTEG, and relevant personnel of the Ministry of Science and Technology development, listened to the report.


At the meeting, Wang Guofa explained from five aspects:'Intelligent development of coal industry and coal mine in the new era', 'Intelligent coal mine top-level architecture and application system', 'Intelligent coal mine classification and classification construction standard system', 'Innovation road of traditional coal mine specialty in the new era' and 'Improving soil for talent growth and cultivating innovative talents'. He stressed that the current top priority of intelligent coal mine is to speed up to build multi-type intelligent multi-mode intelligent demonstration and formed coal mine construction technology specification and standard system.Otherwise, the industry should make full use of 5G, big data, artificial intelligence, and a new generation of information technology such as block chain fit with coal mine intelligent requirements,so that we can implement the data fusion of interconnected, man-machine interaction actively, and assign and reshape the coal mine, formed "one center, a net, a cloud, a view" of the overall system architecture and ten main intelligent system. He also sent a message to the young scientific and technological workers of CCTEG Chongqing, saying that they should be responsible, innovative and cooperative innovative talents. They should be loyal to the enterprise and the team, and push themselves with their ideals and responsibilities. They should not  be afraid of sitting on a cold stool , and believe that the effort will bear fruit.


Participants expressed that the academic report closely follows the current theme of intelligent coal mine, leads the forefront of industrial science and technology, and is concise and rich in content, which benefits a lot.


It is reported that the conference was held by the State Key Laboratory of Gas Disaster Monitoring and Emergency Response Technology, CCTEG Chongqing, with the purpose of strengthening academic exchanges and creating a good atmosphere.