CCTEG Taiyuan has the domestic leading hard rock driving and dust removal technology 28 Oct 2020


Relying on excellent scientific research talents, professional R&D platforms and continuous rooting in the field, it developed the "horizontal axis" cutting, double rack rotation mechanism, programmable lubrication system, different structure dust removal antistatic filter cloth , automatic dust removal control system ,as well as a series of hard rock tunneling and dust removal equipment, which is the first to solve the hard rock tunneling and dust control problems in coal mines in China.


In the process of roadway excavation, high concentration of dust will be produced, and coal miners are often in a blind working environment. Dust causes great harm to coal miners and safe production: on the one hand, the working environment polluted by dust seriously endangers the health of workers. After inhaling dust, miners maybe cause severe fibrosis in the lungs, completely lose the ability to work and cannot be cured, causing lifelong pain and catastrophic blow to their families.


According to incomplete statistics, the actual number of severe pneumoconiosis patients in China is more than 1.2 million, accounting for more than half of the world, and the annual death toll is more than 4,000. Among all pneumoconiosis patients, coal miners account for the highest proportion. In 2019, 15,898 new cases of occupational pneumoconiosis occur in coal mines, the situation of prevention and treatment of coal mine pneumoconiosis is very serious. On the other hand, coal mine dust also has potential explosion hazard. As the coal dust deposited in the roadway is blown up by the air stream, it is very easy to cause coal dust explosion accident and cause casualties. In addition, high concentrations of dust can accelerate the wear and tear of machinery and equipment, rendering precision instruments unusable. Therefore, coal mine dust control is particularly important.


The figure below compares the number of deaths from coal mine accidents in recent years with the number of new pneumoconiosis cases in coal mines.


2.pngRemarks:the red line is number of deaths from coal mine accidents,blue line is number of new pneumoconiosis cases in coal mines.

Adhering to the people-oriented development philosophy, CCTEG Taiyuan not only improves the excavation efficiency and reduces the labor intensity of workers, but also pays attention to the occupational health of miners and actively manages dust hazards. Aiming at the characteristics of large dust production, strong hydrophilic dust and high respirable dust content in rock tunneling, a series of high-efficiency, compact dry-type dust removal equipment was specially developed by introducing the world-leading coal mine dust treatment technology.


The dust removal technology and equipment of CCTEG Taiyuan can remove more than 99.7% of dust, especially the world's leading ability to deal with PM2.5 that everyone cares about, so as to guarantee a fresh breathing environment for miners and everyone can rest assured. The equipment can also realize the automatic operation of the whole process of "collection, cleaning and arrangement", without manual operation and maintenance, so that everyone can use it with ease. We have specially developed a plate press cloth with high wind speed and dust removal, which has a service life of more than 5 years, so that everyone can feel at ease with it. The service life of a traditional drum press cloth is generally about half a year. Compared with the traditional products, the volume of the equipment is reduced by about 20%. The filter unit adopts the side insertion structure, which is more suitable for the application of coal mine roadway than the drum-type filter cloth, making everyone feel comfortable.