The appraisal of 7 scientific research achievements of CCTEG Chongqing reached the international level 12 Nov 2020


On November 4th, 7 scientific research achievements of CCTEG  Chongqing were appraised by experts organized by China Coal Industry Association, 4 of which reached the international leading level and 3 of which reached the international advanced level. These achievements cover the fields related to coal mine safety mining, some fill the technical gaps in relevant professional fields in China, and some have been applied in the field and produced good social and economic benefits, fully demonstrating the research strength of  CCTEG Chongqing in the field of coal mine safety.


It is reported that identified four achievements reached the international leading level,they are low permeability of coal seam gas technology and ultra-high pressure hydraulic slotted efficient extraction equipment, multi-source information fusion of intelligent early warning technology and the system of coal and gas outburst digging surface controlling dust removal equipment, machine integration and safe operation of the monitoring technology and equipment research, the coal mine remote intelligent drilling technology and equipment research and development .Three achievements were appraised to reach the international advanced level, including coal mine photogrammetric geological recording technology and equipment, research on key technology and equipment of dust source control in fully mechanized mining face of thick coal seam, evaluation of coalbed methane reserves in mining area and research on key technologies of surface well extraction.