CCTEG Changzhou and Shenlan Technology signed a strategic cooperation agreement 17 Nov 2020


On November 5, Hu Suiyan, the party committee secretary and chairman of CCTEG Changzhou led a team to visit Shenlan Science and Technology (Shanghai) Co., LTD.(referred as Shenlan Technology ), and had a discussion with Chen Haibo, which is the founder and chairman of Shenlan Technology. The two sides reached in-depth cooperation and signed strategic cooperation agreement.


Shenlan Technology is committed to basic research and application development of artificial intelligence, with outstanding advantages in artificial intelligence, automatic driving, machine learning, brain-machine interface, automatic retail and other aspects. The two sides had in-depth exchanges and discussions on the application of AI technologies such as mineralization, automatic driving and brain-machine interface in the coal mine industry, and both sides agreed to jointly promote the construction and development of intelligent mines.