The largest integrated coalfield exploration project in the northern part of Heilongjiang Province was officially launched. 19 Nov 2020

On November 18, the exploration project of the Sunwu Sijitun District Coal Mine (District 5), the largest integrated coal field in the northern area of Heilongjiang Province, was officially launched. On the same day, in front of the No. 23-7 drilling rig at the Sunwu Sijitun Coal Mine (District 5), a Q06 drilling rig was fully installed here. It will shoulder the important mission of drilling down 630 meters to verify the coal resource endowment conditions for the entire Sijitun Coal Mine (District 5) and provide technical support for the overall planning and feasibility study of the mining area.


At 10 o'clock in the morning, salutes and ribbons flew at the launch ceremony. In a warm atmosphere, the leaders and guests attending the launching ceremony jointly promoted the launcher and started the Sijitun Coal Mine (District 5) survey project.


The Sijitun Coal Mine (District 5), which started the survey this time, is an important part of the Sunwu Coalfield, covering an area of 195.19 square kilometers. The coal type is mainly long flame coal. Approximately 548 million tons of resource reserves were obtained during the census stage. From the comprehensive analysis of resource scale, geographical location and prospecting prospects, Sijitun (District 5) has the conditions to build large-scale mines. It can also drive the development of coal fields in the entire district and build a thermal coal production base in the northwest of Heilongjiang Province. To improve the development and utilization level of mineral resources in Heilongjiang Province and ease the tight supply of coal resources. Therefore, it is of great significance to ensure the sustainable economic and social development of the northwestern region of Heilongjiang Province and maintain national energy security. The person in charge of the Trading Group stated that it will speed up the exploration process in an unconventional way, and strive to complete all the exploration work in the five districts in the first half of 2022. At the same time, the overall survey of the Sijitun coal-bearing basin will be carried out to lay a solid foundation for the overall planning of the mining area. 


The survey is divided into two stages: detailed investigation and exploration. It is estimated that 138,000 meters of construction drilling will be conducted and the construction period will be 18 months. If the prospecting effect is satisfactory, the prospecting work of the Sijitun district will be initiated at the same time, and the preparation and approval of the general plan of the mining area and the environmental impact assessment will be carried out in a timely manner.