"One-key Wind Measurement" Developed by CCTEG China Coal Research Institute Appeared at the Industry Meeting of the Integration of Industrialization and Industrialization 19 Nov 2020

Recently, as one of the construction units of the Zhangjiamao Coal Mine Smart Mine in Northern Shaanxi, the Academy of Coal Science participated in the 2020 coal industry deep integration promotion on-site meeting, and successfully demonstrated the automatic wind measurement system "one-key wind measurement" "construction results. Shaanxi TV Station and many other media have made key reports on the construction achievements of the CCTEG China Coal Research Institute.

'One-key wind measurement' is a fully automatic mine wind measurement system built by CCTEG China Coal Research Institute  for Zhangjiamao Coal Mine. This system can complete a mine-wide wind measurement work that completed by a wind surveyor in one day within 3 minutes. It effectively solves the industry problems such as large single-point monitoring error of mine air volume, long manual wind measurement test cycle, and poor data closure.This system is the first case in the country and provides a good demonstration for the intelligent construction of mine ventilation systems in my country.


The members of the intelligent ventilation project team lasted more than two months to carry out the project construction competition, work overtime to discuss, improved the plan, installed and debugged equipment, and successfully completed the construction of the scheduled demonstration results. It made the results to be displayed at the Yulin branch and Zhangjiamao branch at the same time.