Shaanxi Coal Group and Hubei Provincial Energy Bureau signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Shaanxi Coal Huazhong Coal Sales Company was unveiled. 07 Jan 2021


On January 4, the signing of the strategic cooperation framework agreement between Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group and Hubei Energy Bureau and the unveiling ceremony of Shaanxi Coal Huazhong Coal Sales Co., Ltd. were held in Wuhan, Hubei.


Hubei Provincial Party Committee Member and Executive Vice Governor Huang Chuping; Hubei Provincial Development and Reform Commission Party Secretary and Director Cheng Yongwen; Hubei Provincial Energy Bureau Party Secretary and Director Lu Yuqing; Shaanxi Coal Group Party Secretary and Chairman Yang Zhaoqian, Deputy General Manager Zhao Futang, Chief Economist Du Ping; Zhang Dingming, Deputy General Manager of Three Gorges Group; Zhu Chengjun, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Hubei Energy Group, and Wen Zhenfu, General Manager, attended the signing ceremony. Zhou Yong, Deputy Secretary-General of the Hubei Provincial Government presided over the ceremony.


Before the signing ceremony, Yang Zhaoqian introduced to Huang Chuping and the participants the basic situation, development characteristics, investment in Hubei and coal supply guarantees of Shaanxi Coal.


Huang Chuping watched the exhibition boards of Shaanxi Coal Group, Hubei Energy Group and Shaanxi Coal Huazhong Coal Sales Co., Ltd. And learn more about the energy strategic cooperation between Hubei and Shanxi. Finally, we fully affirmed the effectiveness of cooperation. He said that as a backbone enterprise in the energy and chemical industry, Shaanxi Coal Group has gone all out to "strengthen safety, ensure supply, and stabilize coal prices." At the critical moment of energy supply in Hubei Province during the peak of winter, "send charcoal in the snow". It reflects the responsibility of state-owned enterprises. It demonstrates the deep friendship and strong support for Hubei.


Huang Chuping said that the two provinces of Hubei and Shaanxi are highly complementary in terms of resource endowment, industrial structure, and scientific and technological cooperation, with broad cooperation space and huge development potential. Hubei will, as always, support the Shaanxi Coal Group to expand investment in Hubei. Efforts to form more practical results in areas such as coal supply guarantee and logistics investment. Make every effort to create a new model of energy cooperation between Hubei and Shaanxi. He urged relevant parties to implement the spirit of the provincial conference on optimizing the business environment. Adhere to the needs of the enterprise as the orientation. Be a good service enterprise "shop second". Fully support the majority of enterprises, including Shaanxi Coal Group, to achieve better development in Hubei.


At the signing ceremony, Lu Yuqing and Zhao Futang respectively signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement on behalf of the Hubei Provincial Energy Bureau and Shaanxi Coal Group. To help Hubei coal companies reduce costs and ensure the supply of coal in Hubei. Shaanxi Coal Group will adhere to the cooperation principle of "coal sales price not higher than the long-term agreement price, not higher than the market price of the same period, and not higher than the "sea-in-the-jiang" arrival price in the same period". Ensure that the coal resources entering Hubei will be 11 million tons in 2021, 14 million tons in 2022, and 25 million tons in 2025. At the same time, the two parties will actively explore the dual protection of coal and electricity, and open Shaanxi Coal Group's electricity to Hubei. Realize simultaneous coal and electricity transmission. Efforts will be made to make Shaanxi-Hubei energy cooperation a new model for cross-regional energy cooperation.


Subsequently, Huang Chuping and Yang Zhaoqian jointly unveiled the Shaanxi Coal Huazhong Coal Sales Co., Ltd. Formally announced the establishment of Shaanxi Coal Huazhong Coal Sales Co., Ltd. The company is a deepening cooperation between Shaanxi Coal Group and Hubei Energy Group. Accelerate the establishment of a wholly-owned subsidiary under the background of the construction of the coal sales platform of the Hubei Provincial Coal Investment Company. At the same time, it is also an important step for Shaanxi Coal Group to build a strategic pattern of "seeing Shaanxi Coal in the middle part". The company will focus on the strategic cooperation of Hubei and Shaanxi Energy. Guided by the "14th Five-Year Plan", make full use of the advantages of the Yangtze River Economic Belt. Speed up the establishment of a coal sales platform. Ensure the completion of the market layout during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period and the task of ensuring coal supply for Hubei.


Relevant persons in charge of the Hubei Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Hubei Energy Bureau, Hubei Energy Group, Hubei Coal Investment and Development Company, Shaanxi Coal Group Enterprise Management Department, Shaanxi Coal Transportation and Sales Group, Baoji Huahai Company and other units attended the signing ceremony.