The first "5G + Smart Coal Mine" in Henan Province was officially completed. 10 Jan 2021


“I'm now 600 meters deep in the Xinqiao Coal Mine of Yongmei Group. You can see everything here through the 5G underground 4K high-definition camera. Moreover, the camera has AI early warning perception analysis, which can analyze the personnel, machines, environment, Irregular behaviors and improper operations in the four aspects of the process realize personnel safety warning, work standard supervision, machine status monitoring, and environmental hazard warning. Comprehensively improve production safety guarantee. "The first in Henan Province held in Yongcheng on January 8." At the launch conference of "5G + Smart Coal Mine", the network builders made video calls with the site through the 5G network.


The project was jointly built by Henan Mobile, Yongmei Group, ZTE, and Shanghai Shanyuan. It is another vivid practice of 5G application in the industrial field of Henan Province.


Compared with various ground scenes, the underground 5G network construction is really challenging. The coal mine environment is complex and has extremely high safety requirements. 5G base stations must not only be explosion-proof, moisture-proof, and dust-proof, but also must be able to resist electromagnetic interference from many underground electrical equipment.


In November 2020, China Mobile Shangqiu Branch successfully won the bid for the 5G network construction project of the Xinqiao Coal Mine of Yongmei Group. To meet the 5G demand of Xinqiao Coal Mine as soon as possible. Network builders work overtime and continue to explore, innovate, and make breakthroughs. In the same month, the construction of the 5G fusion network of the underground and the underground was completed. Relying on the 5G network, the “5G+Smart Coal Mine” project of Xinqiao Coal Mine of Yongmei Group will use 5G collaborative operations above and underground. Unmanned inspection of electromechanical chambers, unmanned operation of tunneling face, unmanned operation of fully mechanized mining face, 5G unmanned driving and many other 5G applications. Improve the production efficiency of enterprises and provide guarantee for safe production in mines. Effectively reduce enterprise labor costs and embark on a road of high-quality development that is smarter, safer, more efficient and more environmentally friendly.