Yanchang Group (China) Independently Develops Coal and Petroleum Co-Refining Technology 09 Jul 2018

As a century-old enterprise of China's petroleum industry, Shannxi Yanchang Petroleum Group has relied on technological innovation to drive the transformation and upgrading of enterprises in recent years, and practiced the development strategy of “one body and two wings” with energy and chemical industry as the main body, technology industrialization and integration of industry and finance as the two wings. , embarked on a green innovation development model, completely bid farewell to a single oil and gas production.

In September 2014, Shannxi Yanchang Petroleum Group built the world's first set of 450,000 tons/year coal and petroleum co-refining industrial demonstration unit in Yulin Jingbian. In January 2015, it successfully commissioned the test and the whole process was opened. The China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation organized experts to conduct a 72-hour continuous operation on-site assessment of the unit. The results showed that when the pulverized coal concentration was 41.0%, the coal conversion rate was 86.0%, and the catalytic cracking oil slurry conversion rate above 525 °C was 94.0. %, the liquid yield is 70.7%, the energy conversion efficiency is 70.1%, and the water consumption per ton of product is 1.6 tons. In September 2015, the coal and petroleum co-refining industrialization technology independently developed by Shannxi Yanchang Petroleum Group passed the national appraisal. The experts of the appraisal committee believe that the technology is innovative and generally in the world's leading level, and it is of strategic importance for the clean and efficient conversion of coal resources, reducing dependence on petroleum resources, and ensuring national energy security.

It is understood that Shannxi Yanchang Petroleum Group has invested more than 47 billion yuan in research funding in the past 10 years, forming a multi-disciplinary scientific research platform and implementing more than 30 world-leading forward-looking technology research and development, pilot and industrial demonstration projects. At present, it has achieved single-tech breakthrough and system integration innovation in many technical fields such as exploration and development of ultra-low permeability oil and gas, comprehensive utilization of resources, energy conservation and environmental protection, and fine chemicals.