China's Successful Use of Laser Cladding Technology in Coal Mine Machinery Parts 29 Sep 2018


Shaanxi Coal Chemical Group Tongchuan Xinsheng Coal Machinery Co., Ltd. introduced the laser cladding technology and officially put into production and use. The technology and equipment will be widely used in the manufacturing and remanufacturing of the equipment and components of the group company in the future, accelerating the capacity upgrade and energy conservation and environmental protection of the coal industry in Shaanxi Province.


Laser cladding is a new surface modification technology that adds a wear-resistant, high-temperature, corrosion-resistant cladding material (such as an alloy powder) to the surface of a substrate and adopts a method which a high energy density laser beam is used to fuse with a thin layer of the substrate surface to form a cladding layer that is metallurgically bonded to the surface of the substrate. This technology is the most important component of laser processing system applications, widely used in machinery manufacturing and maintenance, automotive manufacturing, textile machinery, marine and aerospace and petrochemical industries.


In recent years, with the development of high-power lasers, laser cladding technology was born, and it has been consistently verified by all walks of life as the most suitable processing technology for electroplating, and it is also an industry with fierce international competition.


In the coal mine energy machinery maintenance industry, the traditional coating process of the maintenance and strengthening of the middle cylinder and the live column of the mine fully mechanized mining support column and was electroplating hard chrome, the processing cycle was long, the environmental pollution was serious, the corrosion resistance was poor, the maintenance effect cannot be guaranteed, and production risks were huge. Laser cladding has the unique advantages of low substrate temperature, no deformation, and high strength, which greatly improves the effect and performance of mechanical maintenance. In addition, the technology uses a laser as a heat source and is a completely green and environmentally friendly processing method.