China Independently Developed the Largest Diameter (15.80m) Slurry Shield Machine 29 Sep 2018



On September 29, 2018, China independently developed the largest diameter (15.80 meters) slurry shield machine, marking the design and manufacture of China's shields machines towards high-end level.


Up to now, more than 30 shield machines have been used in various infrastructure construction areas in Shenzhen. The 15.8-meter slurry shield machine will help build the first single cavern and double-layer motor vehicle tunnel in Shenzhen.


From design and development to product off-line, the Chinese company successfully solved the problem of large excavation diameter, poor engineering geological conditions, high water pressure and weak formation pressure in the project in less than one year. Breaking through key technologies such as atmospheric pressure changing and main drive telescopic swing, the design and manufacture of the "Made in China" large-diameter shield machine has become international and high-end.


Shenzhen's first single cavern and double-layer motor vehicle tunnel has complicated geological conditions. The shield machine tunneling section will cross 11 fracture zones, and will dig a 3.6-kilometer rock formation at a time. It is one of the most challenging large-diameter shield machine projects in the construction of shield tunneling.


With strong technical research and development strength and rich experience in design and manufacture of large-diameter shield machines, Chinese company adopts customized design, successfully breaks through normal pressure tool change technology, telescopic swing main drive design, tool change operation simplification, double crusher grading treatment of muck technology, tool status online real-time monitoring, small curve construction shield machine Anti-card shield, four-circuit gas pressure control and many other innovative technologies and successfully developed a super large diameter slurry shield machine with a diameter of 15.8m, a length of 135 meters and a weight of 4,800 tons.