China's Major Scientific Equipment Development Project Passed the Acceptance 19 Oct 2018


On October 12, 2018, the Ministry of Science and Technology conducted a comprehensive inspection and acceptance of the project “Development and Application of Coal Mine Gas Detection Instrument and Equipment Based on Spectral Technology”, which was led by CCTEG Shenyang.

After listening to reports, on-site inspections, data review and inquiries, the expert group agreed that the project acceptance materials are complete and standardized, meet the acceptance requirements, and the research results have reached the assessment indicators in the task book, and have initially possessed engineering and industrialization capabilities. It was agreed to pass the acceptance and suggest further industrialization of research results.

The project was led by the CCTEG Shenyang and co-developed with six units including Xi'an Jiaotong University. It lasted for 4 years and captured 4 key technologies. It developed four types of products, including mine spectral multi-parameter detection devices, and realized nationalization of three key components, and has initially developed the R&D, application and manufacturing capabilities of the special spectrum detection instruments for the coal industry with independent intellectual property rights. It also improves China's research and development capabilities and market competitiveness in the field of coal mine gas spectrometry equipment and provides a new theory, new technology and new equipment for daily safety monitoring and emergency rescue of coal mines.