CCTEG Successfully Implements Nationalization of SPMS Hardware in LASC System 19 Oct 2018


The LASC Longwall Automation Technology Project was launched in 2001. The technology can be remotely controlled to locate and guide coal cutting equipment, enabling real-time monitoring of longwall mining progress anywhere in the world via the Internet. The biggest advantage of LASC technology is that it can realize the automatic positioning of the shearer, realize the automatic straightening of the working face, and unmanned intervention for a long time and long distance.


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The CCTEG project team has successfully prototyped and assembled two SPMS hardware and passed the hardware and software tests, which will be sent to the mine for use. Compared with purchasing SPMS directly from abroad, the SPMS hardware nationalization effectively reduces the cost and improves its response speed. Further, it provides convenience for the promotion and use of LASC automation technology in China.


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Next, the CCTEG project team will continue to carry out research on product reliability improvement for the reliability problems that occur in the life cycle of SPMS products and optimize and improve the next batch of SPMS hardware to be produced, so that it can better adapt to domestic needs and further reduce its cost.