CCTEG Partner with VISIONX to achieve Smart Mining 14 Mar 2019


VISIONX, a blockchain platform based in the industrial intelligence field in Silicon Valley, USA, has recently entered into a strategic partnership with the CCTEG. In the next three years, the manual inspection of CCTEG is expected to be replaced by VisionX's artificial intelligence recognition technology.

VISIONX uses the combination of software and hardware to visually identify the data of mine anomalous conveyor belts, the detection of data such as downhole gas, and process related data and deep learning. Compared with the previous digitalization and networking, VISIONX strives to predict or timely discover some abnormal conditions in the mine operation process through artificial intelligence in the mine operation process, and predict the possible data anomalies through deep learning, report relevant data to the mine operation and maintenance management team to improve operational efficiency, improve safety factor, and prevent operational risks. Eventually, it will achieve the goal of safety, efficiency and attrition in the coal industry