China Coal Enterprise’s Key Technologies for Fully Mechanized Mining Won National Prize 15 Nov 2018


Based on the actual situation of the Tashan coal mine field, the scientific research project analyzed the mechanical action mechanism of the overlying coal pillar on the mining coal seam and the behavior of the mine pressure in the fully mechanized top coal caving face with extremely close distance with theoretical analysis, laboratory experiments, numerical simulation calculation and on-site observation. 

Firstly, the project proposed a fully mechanized caving mining method for very close and extra-thick coal seams, and identified key mining techniques and equipment. 

Secondly, it formed a reasonable section coal pillar parameter and a roadway co-directional large internal fault arrangement method in a very close distance coal seam;

Thirdly, the surrounding rock control technology of the large-section thick-walled top coal roadway along the roadway was developed to realize the roadway along the goaf in the very close distance coal seam. 

The research results have played a positive role in the technical upgrading of Tashan Coal Mine, and opened up a way for large-scale high-level fully mechanized caving mining in extremely close-range and extra-thick coal seams, and provided technical support for the safe and smooth development of fully mechanized caving mining.

At present, the research results of the project will continue to be applied in the working face of 30515 in Tashan Coal Mine. In the future, more than 20 million tons of coal resources will be driven by Tashan Coal Mine, which will not only extend the service life of the mine, but also obtain considerable economic benefits. At the same time, it has greatly improved the theoretical and technical level of China's thick coal seam mining, and the social benefits are remarkable.