The World's First 8.8-Meter Coal Mining Face (In China) Production Exceeded 10 Million Tons 24 Feb 2019


In February 2019, the yield of the world's first 8.8-meter super high mining intelligent fully mechanized mining face with China's completely independent intellectual property rights exceeded 10 million tons. The hydraulic support products used in this work surface were independently developed and manufactured by China Coal Machinery Company.


The first set of 128 hydraulic supports was used for the mining of 12 sets of 8.8-meter super high mining faces in Shangwan Coal Mine. Each bracket has a width of 2.4 meters, a total weight of 100 tons, and a mining height of up to 8.8 meters. Its support height, working resistance and support and center distance are all the highest in the world. Since the launch of the 8.8-meter bracket of China Coal Machinery Company in March 2018, the working efficiency of the super-high mining face has increased by more than 85%, the cost has been reduced by 30%, the resource recovery rate has increased by 30%, and the hydraulic support of China's extra-thick coal seam has also been filled the technical gap in the mining of hydraulic support for extra-thick coal seams in China.


China Coal Machinery Company spent five years to overcome a number of technical difficulties. The design rationality, raw material development, process innovation, manufacturing level and comprehensive performance of the project exceeded international standards.


Shangwan Coal Mine is the world's highest single-well raw coal production efficiency. The world's first 8.8-meter coal mining face production exceeded 10 million tons which has great importance of leading the development direction of China's coal industry and improving the construction level of world-class demonstration coal mines.