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LZD Plug-In Electromagnetic Flowmeter


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The LZD plug-in electromagnetic flowmeter is a meter that measures the flow of liquid in a circular tube based on the principle of "Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction". This series of instruments has been successfully developed on the basis of fully utilizing high and new technology at home and abroad, and its product performance has reached the advanced level at home and abroad. Can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, water supply and drainage and other fields. The sensor is easy to install, with pressure punching and pressure mounting technology, which can be installed without stopping production (water). It has absolute installation advantages and price advantages in large pipeline flow detection. With multi-state diagnosis and alarm function, the instrument can be monitored at any time.

Performance parameter
1. Accuracy: 1.0
2. Pipe diameter range: DN80mm~DN2000mm
3. Flow rate range: &plu筛分机n;0.3m/s~&plu筛分机n;10.0m/s
4. Measuring liquid: various acids, alkalis, salt solutions and mud, pulp, pulp, industrial sewage, clean water, tap water, etc. with the lowest conductivity of the liquid to be tested ≥5μs/cm
5. Pipe pressure: the pressure inside the pipe does not exceed 1.6MPa, and the pressure installation does not exceed 1MPa.
6. Protection level: IP65
7. Sensor operating temperature: -25 ~ 70 ° C (normal temperature type); 0 ~ 150 ° C (high temperature type)
8. Signal output: 4~20mA current; 0~1kHz frequency; RS485 digital communication; relay upper and lower limit alarm (optional)
9. Working power supply: AC 220V &plu筛分机n; 10%; DC 24V &plu筛分机n; 5%