• alt="HM-D Type Dense (Concentration) Meter"/>
  • alt="HM-D Type Dense (Concentration) Meter"/>

HM-D Type Dense (Concentration) Meter


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According to the principle of differential pressure, the product adopts imported precision differential pressure detection unit, wear-resistant anti-sticking probe, and the detection tube section is specially designed to eliminate the influence of liquid flow rate and bubble on measurement. The detection is accurate and stable. It is the national “863 project”. "Promoting products is an alternative to isotope dense (concentration) meter, safe, reliable and easy to maintain.

1. No radiation green product
2. Imported sensing components
3. Automatic temperature compensation
4. No on-site calibration required

Technical Parameters
1. Power supply voltage: 24V (DC)
2. Density range: 1~2g/cm3
3. Detection accuracy: &plu筛分机n;0.5% (range)
4. Signal output: 4~20mA
5. Use environment: no easy, explosive and strong corrosive medium
6. Ambient temperature: -10~+45°C