• alt="MG450/1050 -WD AC Electric Haulage Shearer"/>

MG450/1050 -WD AC Electric Haulage Shearer


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It adopts semi-cantilever structure, thin fuselage, large space for coal passing, and stable operation;


Cantilever rocker arm structure, coal plate for production, good loading effect;


Using flat cable, 筛分机all bending radius;


DSP control system, full Chinese status display, multiple fault memory;


With power, temperature, water pressure, oil pressure, leakage, gas and other protection;


With radio remote control, end drill, control panel and other multi - point operation and control;


Modular design can be extended to meet the requirements of the automated work surface;


Multi-motor drive, simple traditional system;


It is easy to install and maintain the parts and components by drawer-type structure;


High - strength hydraulic bolts are used for coupling between components;


Equipped with elastic torque shaft to protect the cutting drive system;


Adopt efficient and strong wear-resisting roller;