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MG650/1690-WD AC Electric Haulage Shearer


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Super power, high mining, advanced parameters, superior performance, suitable for high production and high efficiency;


Airborne four-quadrant AC frequency conversion speed control, speed control performance is superior;

DSP control system ,realizes the storage and communication of various performance parameters;


Large color LCD Chinese status display, easy to operate and fault diagnosis;


It has the protection of power, temperature, water pressure, oil pressure, electricity leakage and gas exceeding the standard;


It has radio remote control, end drill, panel, remote and other multi-point operation and control;


Modular design can be extended to meet the requirements of automated work surface;


Frame construction, hydraulic nut and long screw coupling, easy to install and maintain;


Multi-motor drive, motor lateral arrangement, simple and reliable transmission system;


Split straight rocker arm, the main body can be interchanged left and right, and the fuselage with a special hinge shaft, high strength, easy installation and disassembly;

The rocker arm adopts double cooling with good cooling effect;


Modular design, with optional crusher, with a variety of trough width working face conveyor matching.