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YCS2000B2 mine transient electromagnetic equipment


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YCS2000B2 mine transient electromagnetic instrument——Hydrogeological exploration equipment


Scope of application


Advanced detection in the hole is a fan-shaped construction method imitating conventional advanced detection downhole. The probe is placed at the bottom of the shallow hole, and the tran筛分机itting wire frame is rotated outside the hole according to certain angle intervals to measure the z-direction data of the probe received at the bottom of the hole point by point, forming a fan-shaped advanced detection area deeper in the front of the hole bottom.


Examples of application




Technical parameters



The equivalent area of the probe


The tran筛分机itting current is equivalent

9A in two ways

The tran筛分机itting voltage


The number of test channels


Push device

The carbon fiber bar

Turn off time


Tran筛分机ission frequency


Integrated three component

Length 1.25mm, diameter40mm、50mm、55mm