• alt="MG500/1170-AWD1 AC Electric Haulage Shearer"/>

MG500/1170-AWD1 AC Electric Haulage Shearer


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Product characteristics:


Low machine height, suitable for very thin coal seam mining


Non-airborne AC frequency conversion speed regulation, advanced technology and main parameters


DSP control system, full Chinese status display, multiple fault memory


With power, temperature, water pressure, oil pressure, leakage, gas and other protection


It has radio remote control, terminal station operation and other operating systems


Multi-motor drive, simple transmission system


Frame structure, easy installation and maintenance of spare parts


High strength hydraulic bolt pair connection is adopted between components


Adopt high efficiency and strong wear-resisting pick tooth roller


Rocker arm adopts the patented technology of motor longitudinal arrangement to increase the coal space under rocker arm


It can be matched with a variety of working face conveyor with groove width.