• alt="MG250/556--QWD AC Electric Haulage Shearer"/>

MG250/556--QWD AC Electric Haulage Shearer


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Product Characteristics:


Low machine surface height, suitable for thin coal seam mining


Non-airborne four-quadrant AC frequency conversion speed regulation, advanced technology and main parameters


DSP control system, full Chinese status display, multiple fault memories


With protection of power, temperature, water pressure, oil pressure, leakage, gas exceeding standard, etc.


Multi-point operating system and control such as radio remote control and terminal station


Multi-motor drive, horizontal arrangement of motors, simple transmission system


Frame structure, easy parts installation and maintenance


The components are connected by high-strength hydraulic bolts


Equipped with elastic torsion axis to protect the cutting drive system


Use high-efficiency and strong wear-resistant pick-shaped tooth drum


The rocker arm adopts dual-motor patented technology to increase the coal passing space under the motor


The rocker arm adopts two-way lubrication patent technology to solve the lubrication of the large-angle transmission system


Can be matched with face conveyors with various groove widths