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TDC New Type High-Efficiency Magnetic Separator


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TDC New Type High-Efficiency Magnetic Separator



TDC new type high-efficiency magnetic separator is a new product developed by CCTEG Tangshan which can be used to replace imported high-end magnetic separator. It is an ideal model for magnetic weight recovery of heavy medium coal preparation plant. The diameter of the cylinder is 750mm, 1050mm, 1200mm. The length of the cylinder is 1200mm~3600mm. The magnetic material recovery rate can reach 99.9%, and the maximum processing capacity is 110m3/h·m, which meets or exceeds the relevant national technical standards (coal washing engineering design specification, GB50359-2005). Since its successful development in 2005, hundreds of units have been promoted so far, and have been well received by users of coal preparation plants. TDC new type high-efficiency magnetic separator has won the praise of the majority of users, and it has also been recognized by the peers, and won the second prize of 2007 China Coal Industry Science and Technology Award.


Technical characteristics

  1. High equipment reliability, high recovery rate, low consumption per ton of coal, and low noise;
  2. The new multi-magnetic magnetic system has good recovery effect of magnetic materials;
  3. The first domestic integrated magnetization technology guarantees 50% demagnetization below 1%;
  4. The whole package magnetic system eliminates the phenomenon of magnetic block falling off;
  5. It has the patented technology of magnetic desilting tank, which is suitable for efficient recovery of fine particle magnetite powder;
  6. Less wearing parts and low equipment maintenance costs.


Technical Parameters