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XJM-KS Flotation Machine


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XJM-KS Flotation Machine


XJM-KS flotation machine is a self-aspirating mechanical agitating flotation machine. It is a flotation equipment developed by CCTEG Tangshan with coal slurry water pretreatment function. The practice shows that the XJM-KS flotation machine has the advantages of reducing the design area of the plant, reducing the height of the plant and saving investment. It can also strengthen the flotation mechani筛分机 and simplify the flotation process. Up to now, there are 13 models and models with a single tank volume of 4~90m³.


Technical characteristics

  1. Adding a mineralizer to the feed end of the XJM-S flotation machine;
  2. The mineralizer completes the pre-mineralization of the slurry and increases the mineralization rate;
  3. The pre-processor before the flotation machine is omitted, simplifying the flotation system;
  4. Reduced plant design area, reduced plant height and saved investment.