CCTEG Coal Preparation General Contracting - Longgu Mine Plant 29 Jul 2018

Longgu Mine Plant

---One of the modern coking coal preparation plants with the most complete coal preparation technology, the highest equipment level and the largest capacity in China

Design annual production capacity: 

6 million tons / year

Major awards: China Construction Engineering Luban Award, Excellent Project General Contracting Project Copper Key Award, Coal Industry (Ministerial) Excellent Engineering General Contracting Project Gold Award, Coal Industry (Ministry) Excellent Engineering Investigation and Design First Prize, Coal Industry ( Ministerial) Excellent Engineering Design First Prize, Shandong Province Quality Engineering Award

Outstanding technical features:

The project has five characteristics of “big, full, new, high and many”.

(1) The system has a large processing capacity, and the actual processing capacity is 10 million tons/year.

(2) The whole sorting process, from raw coal preparation to slime water treatment, has gathered the most advanced sorting process for various grades of coal at home and abroad.

(3) The process is novel. The novel process of deliming, pressurized two-product heavy medium cyclone main re-election and coal slime flotation is adopted. A total of 85 imported equipments have been selected throughout the plant, which are recognized as advanced, reliable and efficient equipment in the domestic and international coal selection industry.

(4) The sorting precision is high, the sorting precision of the system is 0.01 higher than the conventional process, and the recovery rate of clean coal is increased by 0.5%.

(5) The number of equipment and system links are the highest among existing coal preparation plants at home and abroad.


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