CCTEG Coal Preparation General Contracting - Renjiazhuang Plant 30 Jul 2018

Renjiazhuang Plant

---The first project in the coal industry to receive the National General Contracting Evaluation Gold Award

Design annual production capacity:

2.4 million tons / year

Major awards: Golden Key Award for Outstanding Engineering General Contract Project, Gold Award for Excellent Engineering General Contract Project for Coal Industry (Ministry), and First Prize for Outstanding Engineering Design for Coal Industry (Ministry)

Outstanding technical features:

According to the changes in the market and coal quality, the production process was adjusted to a full-washing and pressure-free three-product heavy medium cyclone and flotation combined process. All adjusted production indicators are better than contract indicators, the median consumption index is less than 1.2kg/t, the water consumption index is less than 0.1m3/t, the comprehensive washing efficiency of the whole plant is over 96%, and the selected products are listed as exempt products by customers. At the same time, the actual production capacity also reached 2.8 million tons / year, exceeding the contract capacity. Due to the high quality of the products and high production volume, the project achieved a net profit of 400 million yuan in the year. Construction during the year, production within the year, recovery of investment and profit during the year.


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