National key research and development plan project demonstration roadway construction and 7m large mining height face intelligent mining equipment ground joint trial operation smoothly 22 Oct 2020


The project team of the "13th Five-Year" National Key R&D Program Project "Surrounding Rock Control and Intelligent Mining Technology for Coal Mines 1,000m Deep" undertaken by CCTEG Coal Mining Research Institute inspected and evaluated the construction of the soft rock demonstration roadway in the 1,000-meter deep shaft of the Kouzidong Mine of China Coal Xinji Energy Co., Ltd.

Experts from the project team went down and checked the project demonstration roadway of Kouzidong Mine—140502 working face machine roadway, and agreed that the roadway used the ultra-high-strength and high-prestressed anchor cable (roof) + Pre-stressed high-pressure split grouting bolts, anchor cables (lane) + shotcrete coordinated control technology developed by the project topic 3.It wascarried out in 200m roadway engineering demonstrations from May to July, which significantly increased the anchoring force, reduced the breakage of the anchor rods and cables, and improved the coal body structure. The roadway side is sealed by shotcreting to avoid the weathering of the coal and rock mass, and good technical effects have been achieved.



At 14:25 that day, the ground joint trial operation ceremony of the intelligent mining equipment for the 7m large mining face was grandly held in the Kouzidong Mine Industrial Plaza. With the pressing of the remote control button for the "one-key start and stop" of the face equipment, a set of intelligent mining equipment started smoothly, and automatically completed the functions of starting along the coal flow, automatically following the machine to retract/open the guard plate, and automatic spraying; it demonstrated the three-dimensional virtual simulation decision-making system of the working face developed by the project team to obtain the working face surrounding rock and equipment parameters. The whole process of analysis and prediction is carried out automatically.

Research and development of the national key project "coal Kilometers deep surrounding rock control and intelligent drilling technology" mouth transcribing the demonstration of the Kouzidong mine roadway supporting success, and mining equipment and intelligent iron-bird test run a smooth, marked the field verification of the phased research results of the project. It laid a solid foundation for the completion of all research contents of the project, the construction of demonstration mines and the promotion of technology.


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