Unmanned driving in Yimin open-pit mine enters complex production area for operation test.
2020-12-29 18:07:04.0

On December 21, two unmanned vehicles in Yimin Open-pit Mine entered the normal production area. Cooperated with the 1204 electric shovel to carry out the stripping production operation. The transportation distance is 6 kilometers, and the manual takes over 0 times. It marks that the unmanned dump truck has officially entered the complex production area for operation testing.

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After being recognized as the first batch of intelligent demonstration coal mines by the National Energy Administration and the National Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau on November 25. Yimin Open-pit Mine has accelerated various tasks in the unmanned transportation link. After the mine entered the equipment maintenance period on December 16. Taking advantage of the relatively ample time on the road, a comprehensive test of real production scenarios for unmanned driving under complex road conditions was carried out. Verify the stability of the chassis line-by-wire transformation in extreme cold weather and the reliability of the perception decision-making system The test will continue until March 1, 2021, and unmanned vehicles will operate continuously day and night. Achieve the goal of unmanned manual takeover of the entire transportation process.