CCTEG Research Institute, HUAWEI, and Industry Partners Jointly Promote Intelligent Construction of Coal Mines
2021-05-10 17:08:16.0

On March 27, the "Mining F5G All-optical Industrial Network Technology Exchange Conference" hosted by China Coal Industry Association was held in Beijing. China Coal Technology and Engineering Group Coal Science and Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CCTEG Research Institute) and HUAWEI Technologies Co., Ltd. formally released the "F5G Intelligent Coal Mine Application Program" and the "Coal Mine F5G Application Technology White Papers". The two parties united Mining Products Safety Approval and Certification Center Co., Ltd. and CCTEG Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd. jointly established the "Intelligent Mine Joint Laboratory". This meeting marked the official start of the large-scale application of F5G in the coal industry.

The CCTEG Research Institute and HUAWEI jointly joined a number of partners to showcase the latest cooperation results in the construction of smart mines at the meeting, and jointly promote the deep integration of F5G technology and the coal industry, jointly build a sustainable industrial ecology, and promote the intelligentization of Chinese mines Construction. It can realize the application of underground video, remote control, monitoring, wireless communication, etc., to provide a simple, reliable, ultra-high-speed industrial data transmission network. This solution is a further innovation in the field of network architecture.

As the world's only comprehensive coal technology innovation enterprise with the entire industry chain, CCTEG is committed to providing integrated smart mining solutions for the entire industry. At the 18th China International Mining Exhibition held in October 2019, CCTEG released an integrated solution for smart mine construction. At the national coal mine intelligent construction site promotion meeting held in Shandong in September 2020, the latest achievements of 16 coal mine intelligentization displayed by CCTEG, which have received widespread attention. CCTEG Research Institute as an important secondary enterprise of CCTEG engaged in the construction of smart mines, which relies on a strong scientific research platform, professional advantages, technical research, and development capabilities. Focuses on the research and development of mine communication technology products, and strives to become a mine communication expert. It has been completed successively in 3G, 4G, WIFI6, 5G, super 10G industrial ring network, F5G and other technologies have been updated and iterated, it has been widely used and leading the development of coal mine communication technology. Jin Yuzhi, President of HUAWEI’s Transmission and Access Product Line, said that the F5G all-optical industrial network meets the coal industry’s high-security requirements. The use of fully pre-connected passive optical components can greatly reduce the use of explosion-proof boxes, to avoid hidden dangers of underground welding and high temperature, and to improve operation and maintenance with work efficiency, the F5G intelligent coal mine application program can provide strong technical support for the construction of smart mines.

In early 2021, F5G related products of the CCTEG Research Institute have obtained the explosion-proof certificate and safety standard certificate, and it has completed the integration verification with various intelligent mine perception subsystems. At present, key coal mining provinces across China are actively promoting the application, among which Shaanxi, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, and many other places have started the construction of underground projects. In the future, based on the implementation of the F5G intelligent coal mine application plan and the construction of related industries, the CCTEG Research Institute, HUAWEI, and industry partners will jointly promote the application and promotion of F5G technology in the coal industry. To provide new ideas for exploring the construction of smart mines and opening up smart mines to build a new path. Promoting the digital transformation of the industry, and helping the high-quality development of the coal industry.