Bauma Exhibition | XCMG's "fighter" among the 100-ton mining excavators.
2020-12-29 18:11:15.0

XCMG XE1250 Hydraulic Excavator

Specially developed for the harsh environment of mines

High operating efficiency and good reliability

Low maintenance cost and convenient maintenance

Become a "fighter" for mining excavation

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Large digging force, five to six buckets can be filled

80 ton mine truck

Super high attendance rate can create more value

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This product is rapidly emerging in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Shanxi and other places


Become the mainstream "digging tool" for local mines


Can be equipped with rock arm


On the plain, dug the cliff


"Spicy and sweet" let you call the shots!

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November 24-27, Shanghai New International Expo Center


Xugong Exhibition Hall