Zhuneng Group: The intelligent inspection robot for Harwusu tape conveyor is launched.
2020-12-29 18:08:59.0


Some time ago, Zhuneng Group's official TikTok account "I'm an inspection operator in the first phase of the job experience" was screened in Zhuneng Group. Many people have also learned through the video that the inspection and transportation of the raw coal workshop is not easy. Walking around the belt every day, shuttled in the mine. Regardless of the sweltering heat and cold winter, the wind and the sun, they are constantly moving forward. Now, the gospel is here!


This machine, jointly manufactured by Zhuneng Group and Beijing Newcomen Company, has been in the raw coal workshop of Harwusu Coal Preparation Plant for more than 20 days. It has the functions of "seeing, smelling, asking and cutting", and is the intelligent inspection robot of Zhuneng Group's tape conveyor inspection tool.


This intelligent inspection robot has been mounted on the M31 tape conveyor. Its main function is as its name: inspection. So, how does it work? It turns out that there are two "eyes" below it, one is a video camera and the other is an infrared camera. They are used to observe the external condition of the lower tape and idler and monitor the temperature of the equipment. In this way, the robot can achieve the purpose of inspection during the process of moving forward on the track.


So how do you control it? It is divided into two modes: remote control and on-site control. The engineer can operate on him in the centralized control room. The robot can be moved by simply clicking one-click inspection through the system. In this way, it can automatically run on a path of 625m one-way and 1260m back and forth. At the same time, it is also equipped with buttons, which can be activated directly on its body.


In the process of inspection, it can also automatically find problems and alarm. At the beginning of the design, the designers numbered each roller and delineated the coordinates. The robot feeds back the coordinates by scanning the code during operation. When an abnormal temperature is found, the system will automatically alarm in the centralized control room. At the same time, the robot will also take pictures of the scene, so that the dispatcher can contact the maintenance personnel for repairs in time. If you want to confirm whether there is an abnormality again, you can also select the coordinates on the system. Let the robot run to the designated position to monitor the condition of the equipment. The positioning accuracy of the robot is generally within ±100mm.


In addition, it also has a lot of high-tech equipment.


In order to ensure remote control at any time, the designer has equipped it with wireless charging facilities. After each inspection, it will automatically return to the "charger" side. It can run for about 2 hours for every hour of charging.


It also has audio function, can achieve the effect of ears and eyes. "Ears" can collect operating sounds of field equipment. Many maintenance workers identify faults through remote listening, so the collection of live sounds can be more conducive to fault diagnosis. "Mouth" can strengthen the connection between on-site maintenance personnel and dispatch, and coordinate problems in real time.


It is equipped with a 5G signal interface, and it communicates through 2.4GHz wireless technology in daily work. The staff installed multiple signal receivers on the street lights around the belt to ensure transmission. If the signal is not smooth, it can also be connected to 5G without delaying the inspection.


With the blessing of high technology, the inspection robot can greatly reduce the labor intensity of the staff. So as to meet the growing needs of employees for a better life. It is also possible to use data as the support to better control risks in advance and improve corporate efficiency. At the same time, it can ensure safety with technology.


This inspection robot is a very small part of the intelligent transportation system construction of Zhuneng Group's coal preparation plant, and it is also the epitome of Zhuneng Group's intelligent mine construction.


In the follow-up work, Zhuneng Group will continue to focus on the construction of intelligent coal preparation plants. It is reported that the construction of the intelligent transportation system of the coal preparation plant is in full swing. By then, functions such as belt intelligent speed regulation, gross coal bunker intelligent allocation, and intelligent coal flow start-stop system will be realized.