The Full-section Rectangular Rapid Roadheader Successfully Passed the 5.1-meter Fault in Shendong Haragou Mine
2021-01-27 22:06:36.0

The full-face rectangular fast roadheader jointly developed by CCTEG Shanghai and Shendong Coal Group has successfully passed through a 5.1-meter drop fault in Haragou Mine recently, opening a precedent for a full-face fast roadheader to pass a fault.

The full-section rectangular fast roadheader is a new type of coal mine roadheader. It has completely independent intellectual property rights and it is the first at home and abroad. The model of this set of equipment is MJJ3800×5800 full-face rectangular fast roadheader, the overall dimensions are as follows:

the width×height×length is 5.8m×3.8m×17.235m, the weight of the whole machine is about 320T, the installed power reaches 2087KW, and the excavable section is 5.8m×3.8m in width, 6m×4m in width and 6m×height 4.2 m, the scraper meets the throughput of 1200t/h. Since the roadheader started its test on the 22524 working face of Shendong Haragou Mine, it has accumulated more than 900m of driving.

Recently, the roadheader encountered a frontal fault with a drop of 5.1m at about 598 meters of the roadway. After that, the tunneling was gradually adjusted from 1° to 5° to cross the fault, and then adjusted from 5° to 0° to complete the fault, and the length of the fault excavation cut rock reached 35m. Passing through the fault smoothly fully verified the good performance of the equipment.

The 22524 fast-excavating face encountered the fault this time is a major challenge to the equipment and staff. According to the actual situation of the working face, CCTEG Shanghai and Halagou Coal Mine tentative personnel have formulated various safety measures for crossing faults in detail. One is to strengthen the roof management, do a good job of roof observation, strengthen the support of the broken roof, in order to ensure roof safety during faults.The second is to strengthen the management of mechanical and electrical equipment and the maintenance of mechanical and electrical equipment ,in order to ensure the normal operation of the mechanical and electrical equipment.The third is to strengthen the follow-up and follow-up of the cadres, and solve the special situation and feed situation encountered in the work on the spot , in order to escort the smooth and safe passage of the fault.

In the meticulous organization and coordination of the project team and the joint efforts of all the project teams, on January 19th ,digging equipment successfully achieved the 30-meter mark in 6 hours. With the continuous breakthrough and surpassing of records, the confidence and determination of the project team has also been strengthened while verifying the equipment's mining capabilities. At present, all members of the project team are continuously advancing towards the next goal.