The first domestic shaft boring machine appeared on the bank of the Jinsha River
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The first domestic shaft boring machine appeared on the bank of the Jinsha River04 Nov 2020


"I declare, Jinshajiang no.1 shaft boring machine into the well!" On September 20, 2020 at 11:18 am, following the well entry instruction issued by researcher Liu Zhiqiang which is  a chief scientist  of CCTEG liu zhiqiang, nearly 200 - ton behemoth is slowly hoisted into the mouth of the well. The logo of  'CCTEG ', ' Jinsha River No.1' logo is marked in the sun, this is the site of the launch and technical seminar of the shaft tunneling machine for the rehabilitation project of the fourth-level power station in Yilihe, Yunnan. The equipment hoisted into the wellhead for shaft construction is the first domestic shaft boring machine,which is developed by CCTEG  and manufactured by Tiandi Benniu  company.


As the throat of underground engineering, the shaft is difficult to construct, long -period, and has a high safety risk. At present , drilling and blasting method is commonly used at this stage, drilling and gangue extraction process requires a large number of people to work underground for a long time. And the environment is noisy and dust pollution. Totally, present technology is serious, labor-intensive, and easy to collapse, falling objects and mechanical injury accidents. Therefore, replacing blasting rock with mechanical rock breaking, freeing personnel from the harsh construction environment, forming new mechanical rock-breaking and sinking equipment and techniques, realizing high-end intelligence of sinking equipment, is the development of mine shaft driving technology direction, shaft tunneling machine is a typical representative of this type of equipment and technology.



However, for a long time, the key technology and equipment in this field are mainly in the hands of a few foreign companies. To break the monopoly technology, relying on the national 863 program, and the CCTEG's key projects, CCTEG Beijing makes full use of the mechanical equipment and the technical advantages of broken rock, makes integrated use of broken rock, materials, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, measurement and control, digital control, multidisciplinary theory, combines with the shaft construction experience for many years, after ten years of hard research, successfully developed the "Jinsha River No. 1" shaft boring machine and related mechanical rock system which can be fully realized mechanical rock drilling, broke the barriers in the field of foreign equipment and technology, makes the high-end intelligent drilling technology and equipment to the development of our country took a solid step.


In recent years, CCTEG has been increasing investment in scientific and technological innovation. On the basis of successfully developing the first set of main engine of shaft boring machine in China based on the national 863 Plan, it has set up key projects aiming at cutting tools, technology, engineering demonstration and so on to deepen research. In this demonstration project, CCTEG Beijing has given full play to its own advantages, made good use of the equipment and improved the supporting technology, and constantly pushed the equipment to coal mines, metal mines, non-metallic mines and other fields, so as to achieve the purpose of building intelligent wells.


" CCTEG has a strategic vision in the positioning of intelligent equipment. With its profound technology and construction heritage, the developed construction equipment must be the most suitable for the project site. In terms of management and technology, it is necessary to carry out cross-industry and cross-professional exchanges, and push forward Chinese high-end manufacturing technology and intelligent equipment in the spirit of inclusiveness." "Said Chen Xiangsheng, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, who attended the launching ceremony and technical seminar.