How should the "smart mine" road of the old deep mine go? May wish to learn the "Sun Coal Plan".
2020-12-29 18:09:46.0

As a typical representative of the old deep mines in the country, the Suncun Coal Mine of Shanneng New Mining Group revolves around the strategic deployment of the group company's "long-term optimization". Take the "3115" smart mine construction path as the foundation, take the "three reductions and three upgrades" as the foundation, and focus on innovation-driven, scientific planning, and precise implementation. The construction of smart mines grew out of nothing, from catching up to leading. The goal of "safety if there are few people and safety if no one" is gradually achieved. Created a new model of smart mine construction in complex conditions.


Expand and upgrade the existing system data, and build a hyper-converged architecture "cloud platform".


"At present, there are 2,133 people on duty in our mine and 1,332 people in underground production. About 950 people enter the mine every day, which is a decrease of more than 130 people over the same period last year. The production systems of the mine are more reliable, more efficient, and safer. Contribute to the construction of smart mines of similar mines Sun Coal's plan." Xianmin Yan, director of the Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Department of Sun Village Coal Mine, introduced.


Based on the development basis of “stable stability and long-term development”, we will build a smart mine centralized control platform in the early stage. On the basis of realizing remote centralized control of various systems, Suncun Coal Mine presses the "fast forward button" in terms of informatization, dataization, automation and intelligence. Expand and upgrade existing system data to build a hyper-converged architecture "cloud platform". Realize main system virtualization and pool management of server resources with data high-speed network transmission links.


"On the basis of the original system of the platform, we are equipped with 8 servers, 32 terminals, and 2 sets of 24-port 10 Gigabit switches. All data will be moved to the cloud platform for operation. Management is more coordinated, the system is more complete, and information integration resources are effectively realized. Sharing." said Guoxin Li, deputy captain of the Suncun Coal Mine Information Team.


As the construction of smart mines continues to deepen, and the load of the industrial ring network increases step by step. Network performance and security performance are difficult to guarantee. In response, Suncun Coal Mine divides the industrial network by VLAN. It will further improve network security and deepen the construction of ring networks. "We have successively divided the video, control, and communication networks of the raw coal transportation systems at -210, -400, -800, and -1100. We have installed 35 manageable switches. This reduces the scope of network failures and improves the network Security." Chuanyu Zheng, a technician of the mine's information team, introduced.


In order to further enhance network integration, they also stripped the voice broadcast station from the security monitoring system and integrated it into industrial Ethernet. Effectively ensure the practicability of the mine wireless communication system. "Originally, the voice broadcast network and the wireless Wi-Fi communication network are independent of each other, and two transmission lines are required. Now the voice broadcast station is connected to the wireless Wi-Fi system. Not only does it reduce material investment and equipment maintenance, but also realizes the precise integration of voice broadcast and communication systems. "Said Yongzhe Zhang, an employee of the Suncun Coal Mine Information Team.


The key to the long-term development of mines is safety, and the purpose of smart mine construction is to provide security. Based on the integration of the three networks of "safety monitoring, personnel positioning, and dispatching communications". The mine has multiple systems built together to achieve "one point trigger, comprehensive early warning". "By receiving the alarm information and linkage control commands of the safety monitoring system, it automatically broadcasts the alarm voice to the terminals of the pre-set broadcasting system, program-controlled dispatching system, and wireless communication system to achieve multi-system integration." Yongzhe Zhang said.


Provide security for safety, and improve production and service efficiency.


In order to create a "1 hour" material transportation circle, Suncun Coal Mine built the "Material Handover Transportation Control Platform" APP. Full coverage of 565 transport vehicles, 50 stockyard addresses, 19 user departments and more than 300 users. Take advantage of networking and integration to realize cross-discipline and multi-district team collaboration in material transportation.


“We set up the platform server on the mine virtual cloud platform, which is divided into two parts: PC and mobile. The PC is accessed by WEB, and comprehensively dispatches all mineral information, transportation vehicles, and stockyard addresses. Mobile phones. The terminal sets different permissions for real-time operation according to the user's department and user's functions, so as to ensure all-round management and control of material transportation.” Chuanyu Zheng introduced the platform construction in detail.


The mining front-end dispatching communication system has been continuously improved, the drainage centralized control system has been optimized and upgraded, the belt foreign body and coal quantity detection AI camera system will identify and mark foreign bodies, the industrial video monitoring system realizes the visual monitoring of important underground locations, and so on. A series of measures have been implemented in an orderly manner, allowing the intelligent linkage of various systems in the mine, and also allowing the construction of smart mines to have Sunmei characteristics and Sunmei models.


“In the next step, we will uphold the concept of hard work and excellent work. Take the opportunity of preparing the group company's intelligent mine site meeting. Carefully prepare and plan scientifically. Combining the control of the 'information collection' to realize the 'assisted transportation intelligent scheduling system' Precise management and control, do a good job in emulsion ratio, power supply system remote leakage test and remote power outage automation research. Complete projects such as 'underground paperless office platform', polish the brand of smart mine construction. Seek a good first for the rapid and efficient development of mines Opportunity.” Faced with the next plan, Jifeng Hu, deputy mine manager of Suncun Coal Mine, was confident.