To build a model of Jinzhong 5G+ smart mine, China Mobile signed a contract with Shanxi Xinyi Energy Wangling Coal Industry.2021-01-12 20:15:41.0

<p>On December 30, 2020, China Mobile Jinzhong Branch and Shanxi Xinyi Energy Group Wangling Coal Industry Co., Ltd. held a 5G+ smart mine signing ceremony. Baozhong Zhang, deputy magistrate of Lingshi County Government, Rongping He, general manager of Jinzhong Branch of China Mobile, Junxiong Yan, Chairman of the Board of Shanxi Xinyi Energy Group Co., Ltd., and heads of related departments and enterprises attended the signing ceremony.</p><p><br/></p><p style="text-align: center;"><img src="//" title="1610500441192837.png" alt="微信图片_20210113090800.png"/></p><p><br/></p><p>At the signing ceremony, Rongping He briefly introduced China Mobile&#39;s advanced experience in 5G smart mine construction. Yan Junxiong gave an explanation on the cooperation between China Mobile and Shanxi Xinyi Energy Group Co., Ltd. Subsequently, under the witness of the present county leaders and business representatives, the heads of China Mobile and Shanxi Xinyi Energy Group Co., Ltd. signed the cooperation agreement.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Baozhong Zhang pointed out that in recent years, Lingshi County has thoroughly implemented various policies and measures of the central government, Shanxi Province, and Jinzhong City to accelerate industrial transformation and development. We will vigorously promote the construction of 5G and accelerate the integration and development of new technologies and traditional industries. Actively introduce 5G technology into the construction of intelligent coal mines to achieve strong security through technology. It is hoped that through this signing, both parties can give full play to their respective advantages, cooperate closely and cooperate sincerely. Promote project construction with a high starting point, high standards and high quality. Strive to build the first smart coal mine in Lingshi County in the shortest time. Create a 5G+ smart mine model project and create a model of 5G industry application. To help promote the high-quality economic transformation and development of Lingshi and even Jinzhong City.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>This cooperation is an in-depth cooperation between Jinzhong&#39;s backbone energy companies and leading communications operators. It is of great significance to promote the construction and application of 5G and the transformation and development of Lingshi energy industry. The project will become a model benchmark for the 5G+ smart mining industry in Jinzhong City. Realize the application scenarios of underground 5G private network coverage, unmanned inspection of electromechanical chambers, integrated dispatch of smart miner&#39;s lamps, and unmanned operation of tunneling faces. Improve the level of intelligence, automation and transparency in coal mines. Jinzhong Mobile will continue to promote its 5G+ industry products.</p>