CCTEG Chongqing became the first domestic enterprise to obtain three safety standards for mining polymer materials2021-01-19 04:31:42.0

<p>On December 31, 2020, the “Polyurethane Material for Coal and Rock Mass (Organic Reinforcing Material)” of CCTEG Chongqing successfully obtained the safety standard. (Inorganic Reinforcement Materials) after the &quot;Polyurethane Material for Water Shutoff in Coal Mines&quot; obtained the safety standard, CCTEG Chongqing obtained the third safety standard for mining polymer materials.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><img src="//" style="" title="1611048661446570.jpg"/></p><p><img src="//" style="" title="1611048661877874.jpg"/></p><p><img src="//" style="" title="1611048661794183.jpg"/></p><p><br/></p><p>Among the above three safety standards, the most important one is the organic reinforcement material safety standards. Organic reinforcement materials are widely used in Jinmei Group (the core customer of reinforcement materials of our institute), Shenhua Ningmei Group, Pingmei Group and China Coal Energy due to their high strength, strong toughness and excellent reinforcement performance. The total domestic market exceeds 5 100 million yuan/year. However, due to the inherent shortcomings of organic reinforcement materials such as high reaction temperature and poor flame-retardant properties, it was once considered to be a material &quot;impossible to meet safety standards&quot; in the industry. After nearly 5 months of research, the mining polymer materials team of the Industrial Safety Branch of CCTEG Chongqing successfully developed organic reinforcement materials that meet all safety standards.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>At present, only three companies across the country have obtained the safety standard for inorganic reinforcement materials, one company has obtained the safety standard for polyurethane materials for water shutoff in coal mines, and two companies have obtained the safety standard for organic reinforcement materials. CCTEG Chongqing is the first domestic enterprise to obtain safety standards for three materials at the same time, and the performance indicators of organic reinforcement materials are the best in the industry. This has laid a solid foundation for Chongqing Research Institute to develop more mining polymer materials markets.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><br/></p>