The "Mobile Smart Selection 2020" APP Developed by CCTEG Beijing Huayu Successfully Put into Use
2021-02-03 04:25:33.0

The "Mobile Smart Selection 2020" mobile client independently developed by China Coal Science and Technology Beijing Huayu Control System Co., Ltd. was successfully put into use at Sanhekou Coal Preparation Plant, establishing a full-field information management platform for the intelligent coal preparation plant and realizing coal preparation "Handheld management" of the factory.

The mobile client uses more than ten system functions such as built-in intelligent inspection control system, production control system monitoring, equipment inspection, hidden danger investigation, network management power outage management system, video monitoring system, etc., in order to share production status and equipment operation in real time Information such as situation, product quality data, etc.It enables managers to grasp production and operation conditions in an all-round, all-weather, and full-process, and provide objective and scientific information management basis for production and operation, effectively improving work quality and efficiency, and achieving maximum corporate benefits.

During the two-year development process, the technical staff effectively used the weekly meeting system to exchange in-depth discussions on project development progress, researched methods to overcome technical problems, formulated a number of targeted implementation plans, and successfully developed through continuous accumulation and experimentation.