CCTEG Won 70 Science and Technology Awards of China Coal Industry Association
2020-12-29 17:48:19.0


On December 4, the China Coal Industry Association commended the 2020 China Coal Industry Association Science and Technology Award winning projects. Liu Jianzhong, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee ,as well as the deputy general manager of CCTEG, and award-winning representatives of relevant units attended the meeting.


A total of 67 scientific and technological achievements and 3 innovative teams of CCTEG  have been commended, including 2 special prizes, 11 first prizes, 27 second prizes, 27 third prizes, 3 innovative teams. Among them, the number of special prizes and first prizes accounted for 38% of the total number of industries. CCTEG's affiliated unit as the first completion unit has a total of 25 award-winning projects, and as the second completion unit has a total of 29 award-winning projects. CCTEG will provide supporting awards to relevant award-winning projects in accordance with regulations.


As the first completed unit, CCTEG has 5 projects as first prizes,including "Western Mining Area Coal Seam Mining Roof Water Inrush Dynamics Mechanism and Key Technologies for Water Hazard Prevention and Control", and "Directional Drilling Technology and Equipment for Gas Drainage in Large Panels of Mines" led by CCTEG  Xi'an, “Key Technologies and Equipment for Automatic Control of Coal Shearers with High Coal Thickness and High Adaptability” led by Tiandi Technology CCTEG Shanghai, “Technology and Equipment for Comprehensive Performance Analysis and Verification of Powerful Hydraulic Supports in Inclined and Steeply Inclined Coal Seams” led by the CCTEG China Coal Research Institute, and “Gas Research and industrialization of a Series of Technologies and Equipment for Particle Control and Concentration of Chemical Coal Slurry" led by the CCTEG Clean Energy and etc.


As the same time, three teams get innovation team title,they are 'CCTEG Shenyang national coal mine explosion-proof security product quality supervision and inspection center safety inspecting instrument innovation team ', ' CCTEG Xi 'an coal mining area of coalbed methane industry corporation and efficient development of technology and equipment innovation team', 'CCTEG prevention and control of rock bursts in coal mine innovation team' and ect.


Two projects, including "Complete sets of technology and equipment for ultra-thick and hard Coal seam super-large mining and high-intelligence fully mechanized caving mining in west China", participated by CCTEG Mining Research Institute and Tianma Company, and "Key technology for safe and efficient mining of ultra-thick coal seam under strong and water-rich aquifer in Balapurcoulia Mine in Bangladesh" participated by CCTEG Xi'an, won special prizes.


The science and technology awards of China Coal Industry Association are awarded annually. In 2020, a total of 332 winning projects were selected, including 2 special prizes, 32 first prizes, 137 second prizes, 154 third prizes and 7 innovation teams.