Shanneng Tian Chen Mine unattended "intelligent weighing", weighing only tens of seconds.
2020-12-29 17:41:33.0

"Lu D...recognition is successful, please swipe the card, save the record, and verify the success...". On December 15th, in the coal yard of Shanneng Zao Mining Group Tianchen Coal Mine. Following the warm reminder of the intelligent voice, vehicles full of coal slowly drove out.


"Using this intelligent monitoring and weighing system, you can weigh in tens of seconds without error. Self-service swiping card and order out of the mine. It is convenient and fast, and there is no need to line up." said a customer.


It is understood. In the past, the mine transportation and sales department required 8 weighing officers to weigh in two shifts. After the vehicle is loaded on the scale, the staff will upload the information and data through the system to the remote measurement center for review. Customers need to wait for data feedback before mining. The entire weighing process takes about 5 minutes to complete.


The mine actively bench-marked its advanced experience. Comprehensive upgrading and transformation of centralized control video operation, hand-held MES system, unattended weighing scale, closed-loop control of entrance and exit, supporting network construction, and intelligent terminals. Formed "unattended weighing room intelligent monitoring weighing system".


Now, after receiving the order. The planner of the Mine Transportation and Sales Division reasonably arranges the shipping plan according to the actual needs of the customer. And enter the customer information in a timely manner to make a mining card. One car and one card, swipe the card to enter the mine. Through standard tare weight comparison, vehicle weighing infrared position determination, monitoring automatic capture, LED and voice automatic broadcast, remote monitoring, weight fluctuation judgment and other technical means. Air and heavy weighing inspection. Achieve seamless supervision of the whole process. Improve the accuracy and efficiency of measurement. From the source, it effectively eliminated various cheating and dripping behaviors such as weighing, incomplete weighing, and mixed coal types.


"The unattended weighing room intelligent monitoring and weighing system not only optimizes the coal delivery management process and reduces management costs. It also increases the delivery efficiency by four to five times. It realizes the real-time interaction between the sales plan and the delivery execution." Chungang Wang said: "In the next step, we will combine the requirements of 'bench-marking first-class, improving the state. High-quality development' to emancipate the mind. Continue to conduct bench-marking learning. Further solve the bottleneck restricting coal sales. Continuously consolidate and upgrade the 'Tianchen Coal' brand Advantages. Realize the maximization of coal quality and efficiency."